Mobile solutions for logistics, inventory management, production and RFID-enabled workwear tracking since 2006.

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Our solutions are used by thousands of users every day.

We market our solutions under the Celesta brand.


We work as part of the Sovelluskehittäjät Group.


Our services and examples of our customers

We provide our customers with software solutions and services and complementary hardware solutions for automatic identification.

We quickly tailor solutions to meet our customers' business needs using our Celesta Mobile application platform and our Celesta Plan system (mini ERP).


Logistics & Storage Management

Our customers improve the efficiency of their warehouses, sites and production facilities with our warehouse management and in-house logistics system (WMS).

The system handles both individualised packages/pallets and non-individualised materials. 


Transport and Logistics

Our transport and logistics control solutions include both scheduling and driver solutions. This ensures that your transport process is efficiently planned and monitored from start to finish.


Internet Of Things (IoT)

We integrate wireless sensors into our solutions to help our customers monitor, for example, the status and operating position of their machines in production.


Mobile apps for inspections and work records

We build agile mobile applications for our customers using our Celesta Mobile platform.

These applications can make use of the camera on the terminal, GPS sensor, NFC/RFID reader, etc.


Workwear vending machines and garment tracking with RFID

Our workwear vending machines are used by hospital employees to collect and return around 200 000 items of workwear every month.

The RFID tags that we supply to the workwear enable the tracking of the garments at different stages of the garment cycle. 


Modernisation and cloud services

We work with our customers to upgrade their long-standing applications to browser-based cloud services. 


Your application

Let us know your needs and together we can brainstorm how to implement your application quickly and cost-effectively. 

Our experience and expertise are at your disposal.

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Identoi Oy

Why choose us?


Examples of our clients

Our customers trust us because we provide quality software and excellent service.


Our product development

We develop our Celesta software products in product development programs, where new features are implemented based on the requirements from our customers. 


Our latest R&D program

New, cloud based software services for companies and organization in recycling and
manufacturing sectors based on Identoi's Celesta WMS/TMS software products.

Any questions?

Whether you have questions about our products or services, or just need some guidance, our team is ready to help. Contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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