Solutions for warehousing and indoor logistics

  • Warehouse

  • Production

  • Transfers

  • Picking&Packing

  • Shipping

  • Receiving

Increase productivity

  • Productivity increases 5% - 20%
  • Supports self driven process model
  • Transparent and real time operations
  • Increased accuracy
  • Less errors
  • Improved customer service
  • Adaptability to ever changing business requirements

Quick rollout

  • Browser based solution - no installations needed
  • Seamless support to smart phones, tablets, workstations, rugged terminals...
  • Compiled app based on browser version
  • Cloud service or on site
  • Pilot version available
  • Development based on agile model
  • WEB Services interface to ERP systems

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Reaaliaikainen ohjaus ja seuranta

  • Warehouse: Receiving, Shelving, Transfers, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Queries, Inventory Taking.
  • Production: Workphase reporting, Material calls to production, Automatic transfer orders.
  • Transport: Packing lists electronically to shipping companies, delivery confimations,
    trucks and forklifts on the real time map.

Work Queues for employees, forklifts or other resources in HTML5 browser

  • Business process in mobile device
  • Work queue for the individual worker or for a group
  • Tasks with priority, status (Open, Started, Finished, ..)
  • Browsing work queue by filtering and sorting
  • Task reports with automatic time stamps, expections
  • All material transfers having origin and destination
  • Bar code reading with automatic validity check against picking list.
  • Map, GPS support
  • Online / Off Line support
  • Database in mobile to support offline and validity checks
  • Digital signatures with embedded document info and time stamps
  • Digital images
  • Bar code reading with external BT reader or with camera



Supervisor / manager view

  • Creating, planning, scheduling and assigning tasks.
  • Realtime monitoring of the work queues of individual workers or teams
  • Automatic work order creation based on rules (Production ready -> Forklift transfer)
  • Capacity planning and monitoring
  • Dynamic warehouse structure
  • Work orders and tasks
  • Resources: employees, fork lifts, trucks
  • Resource availability and location (vacations, sickness, maintenance,)
  • Warehouse hierarchy with warehouses, shelves, bins, ...
  • Realtime Map – resources, tasks, history



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