A  leading German company in meter reading services increases productivity with Identoi's Celesta meter reading solution integrated with SAP

Minol Messtechnik W. Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG has successfully integrated Identoi's Celesta mobile solution with their SAP/R3 back office and thus optimized their meter reading process. The company is one of Germany's leading meter reading and billing service providers. 18 branch offices and over 600 service stations provide a national and comprehensive service network. Each year, data from more than 8.5 million meters is read and invoiced. Minol produces annual heating bills for some 1.3 million households. Subsidiaries in Denmark, Austria, Poland, China and theUnited States as well as license holders in various other European countries ensure that Minol has a strong presence on the European market.

Today, Minol's 600 meter readers receive their work orders in highly compressed format directlyon their handheld device from the SAP R/3 Customer Service (CS) module. This enables them to have all necessary customer information available wherever they are. When at the customer, themeter readers fill in the current readings either with a stylus and touch screen or the keyboard.

After the data has been collected, the end customers verify the readings and if everything iscorrect they sign on the handheld. The work order is finished when the meter reader sends the data wirelessly to Minol's back-office system.

Identoi's Celesta solution transfers the data for further processing in the SAP system. Electronic archiving of the data read in the field and verified by the end customers ensures also that the data is binding by the law. The turn-around times will also shorten as the data is automatically saved to SAP accounting system. "Today most of the invoices are provided within 15 days. Our objective is to provide 97% of the invoices in less than 10 days",

Marcus Lehman, CEO of Minol

states Mr. Marcus Lehmann, Managing Director of Minol.

According to Mr. Lehmann, one major benefit is the significantly improved data quality. The overall electronic process from reading meters to producing invoices has proven successful. "The former logistics for managing tons of paperwork is not needed anymore", Mr. Lehmann continues. "For us using this solution is a major transition, with which we can drastically improve our processes and provide our customers better service", answers Mr. Lehmann when asked about the strategic importance of Identoi`s solution to Minol.

The solution can be easily developed further and adapted if Minol`s needs change in the future. Inaddition, Identoi's Celesta solution is compatible with different hand-held devices. Therefore, Identoi's customers can choose the preferred terminal from a wide range of providers.



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