DB Schenker manages transports with Identoi’s Celesta solution

DB Schenker uses Identoi’s Celesta mobile solution to manage transports of all its nearly 1,500 short and long distance vehicles in Finland. The solution has been used since 2007. The previous mobile solution introduced in 2000 also contained Celesta technology. The Celesta technology speeds up transport-related data transfer and makes it more reliable. The Celesta mobile solution is used to transfer and sign off the data of nearly 40,000 delivery and pick up assignments.

”The data transfer between our production management and trucks is fully real time. Celesta improves our customer service as we can, for example, send pick-up assignments from our customers during the same day directly to our trucks”, states Mr. Juha Uusitorppa, System manager at Schenker Cargo.

Efficient daily work
Drivers use the Celesta solution in pick-ups and deliveries as well as to enter their working hours. With Celesta, the daily work is more efficient. When logging in, drivers automatically receive the planned pick-ups to their mobile devices.  This way the drivers can take note of the day’s pick-ups already when loading the deliveries. 

Transport coordinators do not have to interact with data transfer as much as before. Drivers can allocate deliveries for themselves as the loading progresses. At the same time, a delivery list based on the delivery order becomes available on the mobile device.

Proof of Damage Photos
If the item or package is damaged, the driver activates the camera of the mobile device directly from the Celesta application and takes a photo of the damages. The photo facilitates verifying the damages and expedites the handling of the issue.

An easy-to-use application prevents errors
The Celesta solution is very ergonomic. Drivers can use their fingers for pointing – a stylus is not needed. Selection lists in the application minimize the number of errors. Preventing errors in the entry phase improves the quality of the data and decreases the amount of work in production control and billing.

Electronic signatures
If defined in the delivery order, the driver asks for an electronic signature from the customer. The signature is entered to the screen of the mobile device. The electronic signature is sent to the back-office system in connection with the delivery confirmation.

Quick and reliable data transfer
Each event the driver records is immediately sent to the production control system, which acknowledges a successful data transfer to the sender without a delay. If the driver is outside the coverage area of a mobile network, the events are recorded to a queue, where they will be sent automatically when the mobile device is back within the coverage area. This feature ensures that all data will be transferred. In order to maximize the potential of the system it is essential that production control can also send messages to the drivers. Celesta mobile solutions utilize IP push technology, where the Celesta server opens the connection and sends messages to the mobile devices on the field.

Secure data
Using Celesta mobile solutions is secure. In order for a user to log into the system, the driver’s personal ID, vehicle ID and route must match. When necessary, mobile devices can also be locked remotely. The data communications of the drivers’ mobile devices is handled in a private, corporate network and it is not connected to public Internet.

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