Automatic cargo cassette RFID identification solution at SSAB Raahe steel works

Identoin RFID solution on tow tractor


SSAB  steel works in Raahe, Finland has been succesfully using automatic cargo cassette identification and tracking solution provided by Identoi Ltd since 2006. The project was one of the first UHF RFID solutions installed into moving vehicles in Finland.  With Identoi’s automatic cargo cassette identification solution SSAB Raahe steel works increases productivity on internal logistics.  


Tow tractors transfer coils, steel sheets and recycled steel on close to three hundred cargo cassettes from production to warehouses and to harbour.  

RFID on tow tractor

When loading the cassette, UHF RFID reader on towing bed identifies two RFID tags on the bottom of cassette. The cassette id is sent to logistics control system, which starts the transfer automatically and shows the driver where to transfer the cassette.Similarly when unloading the cassette, both the RFID tags on cassette are read in reverse order and the transfer is automatically finished.

The UFH RFID readers on towing bed of the tractors are exposed very harsh environment and weather conditions. Thus a special plastic housing with vibration elimination was innovated for RFID readers

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